Owning a condominium on the beach is a great way to vacation but it can also involve a big expense and a lot of work. If you don't live in the condominium year-round, renting it out can help to offset the high cost of a mortgage payment - and that's where the work comes in. Keeping your unit rented when you're not staying there can be a full time job. The easiest way to keep the money coming in from your investment is to turn over the renting to the office of your condominium and let them schedule renters to stay there when they get inquiries.

Condominium associations often use a grading system to rate the units on their rental program to determine the attractiveness of each unit. Associations always want to represent themselves as positively as possible to any potential renters. They can help spread the word about their property and amenities, and that may leave a better impression with their customers. This means that the units with the best rating get rented first and more often than ones that are not so highly rated. Of course, even the lower-rated units rent when it's the fourth of July or there's a special event in town, but when the event passes, so do the renters - and that means no income.

The best way to spruce up an aged unit is with new floors, bathroom upgrades and kitchen tune-ups. A unit sitting idle for months each year shifts the entire burden of the payments directly to the owner - whereas one that's kept full can quickly reimburse any remodeling expense and start to become a self-sustaining investment that pays it's own mortgage, condominium fees and property taxes. That's where Tile Guy can maximize your investment and help turn it into a truly self-sustaining property that can pay dividends while providing a free place to stay when you're on vacation. This is our specialty.

Not just any upgrade can transform your unit from money pit to profit-maker. It needs to be done right with all the details taken care of to ensure your guests will be as impressed with their accommodations as they are with the beauty of the beaches. Professional work is a must. It can't look like a homeowner has done the job, it needs look like it was done by a true professional. With over 22 years of experience and hundreds of remodels behind us, Tile Guy will impress even other trade professionals whose eyes are trained to search the details. Call us today at (850)-832-8683!