Avoid your Panama Beach Mosaics Fading Over Time

We will work to restore the appearance with a top-notch restoration process

Mosaics are a beautiful addition to any space, but over time those little tiles (tesserae) can fall off, crack or fade. Tile Guy LLC is here for the people of Panama Beach to make sure that their mosaics stay pristine. Whether we're dealing with outdoor pathways, flooring, wall tiling or custom mosaic pieces, the experts at Tile Guy have got you covered. We have a huge supply of different mosaic tiles in stock so we will almost certainly have the materials needed to restore your mosaic project. Our skilled craftspeople will match the missing or broken pieces perfectly and cut them to the exact shape of the previous pieces.

If your mosaic has faded over time we can restore its appearance with a top-notch restoration process - or if you have become fond of the more rustic appearance your mosaic has taken on, we can acquire custom faded color pieces to match its current appeal.

Whatever the condition of your mosaic pattern, give us a call at (850)-832-8683 and we'll give you a free estimate on the repair cost.